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Mar. 15th, 2006 @ 09:45 pm Yet another week
Current Mood: giddygiddy
Current Music: Rob Thomas---> Lonley No More
Its almost thursday!!!! and that means tomorrow will be friday and that means pay day and two more days closer to DISNEY!!!!

Okay, so Leslie came over as planned with Brandon and everything went great... I love him sooo much and i wich i coulda kept him, we played for hours and my mom and dad liked both of them... YAY!!

I love leslie, shes so honest and knows were I'm coming from on everything im talking about. Anyways... We went to an ice cream parler and brandon of course gave me the image of a dad that was dating a really tall girl...lol girl...lmao, jk... so um we get our ice cream and eat some of it and we leave, leslie goes to the trash can and i wait for brandon, which is sooooo cute, and when he gets up, he grabs my hand and wanted me to hold it on the way to the car..... *melts the heart*

So I want a kid... kinda, only a three year old, jk... but they are soo much fun. and i cant wait till monday to take leslie and Brandon to magic kingdom.... yippy :)

well i need sleep and need to take a shower... comment if you please

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Mar. 13th, 2006 @ 09:30 am yay for disney
Blah.... yay for work, finally got my raise after i went too the owner and asked her when she is going to give it to me... yippy
today Leslie is bringing her son over and eating with my family... fun fun, and next monday i hope that we will be able to go magic kingdom with her son, i cant wait, got to go, gotta get food for the teacher
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Mar. 7th, 2006 @ 12:15 am (no subject)
Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: 105.9
Well... I'm trying to keep things as simple as I can in my life right now...

The weekend went well... fun like always, Saturday night was awsome... I went to JR's with Ashley cause shes my really good friend, The Bar tender was hittin on me after he found out that I'm gay... So I played along for a little bit, he bought me a drink or two... idk which one..lol, I know one of them was a sex on the beach and the other was a leg srpeader... I had I think 5 drinks all together and i realized I should stop... When the bar closed we went up to Ashleys place again with some other guy that ashley was hopping to bang...lol... and then some other people followed and we had a little party up stairs... We smoked and ashley, which i wana kill her for but had coke....erg, i didn't do anything, I was already wasted so i just enjoyed seeing everyone...lol... i was playing iwth the kitty after i smoked a little.. a little,,, well we were playing and Brian the bar tender came up an decided he wanted to stay up there because i was there, well i knew nothing was gonna happen... but he didn't think that.. lol he was following me around and trying soo hard to get in my pants... but yea,,, NO... so we kicked him out...lol

anyways, work is getting even more bitchier... drama and bullshit.... Leslie and I are talking a lot and larry thinks that we are gonna date... well he thinks that we are dating... we are playing a game infrotn of larry and all.... when i left, leslie and I said I love you and we kissed good bye and larry just stared at us...lmao and then ashley walks up out of no were ( but we knew she was going to) and yells.... You fucker... Im bearing your child and your kissing her... you bitch! omg, larry was in shock so i left... everyone there thinks that im a fatehre and dating leslie... which im meeting her son this weekend when we go to the park... I love little ones around that age (3)... hes cute too, so nice... she talks about him all the time and i cant wait to meet him...

School is boring as ever...yay for bordom, I bought more stuff from american eagle...lol, i shouldn't but did, i'll get it thursday... Im might skip school wednsday if anyone wants to with me

I moved on with my feelings and I'm just single and enjoying life as it passes by...
You only live once, so live it the way you want to, not the way others want you to

I'm tired and i should go to bed, Leslie didn't pick up the phone so nighty night all
comment if you please
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Mar. 3rd, 2006 @ 09:48 am For the memories
Current Mood: okayokay
Current Music: Abercrombie and Fitch
haven't pu an entry in my memeory folder sincer last year sometime... so i thought I would add one...
Life seems to be going by at a steady pase, slow but steady... Sometimes I wonder if it will be these way for ever or if its only because i cant wait to turn 18 and to graduate...

Life in the house is okay, boring sometimes, we dont do that much stuff together anymore, but when is there time.... Im working 30 hours a week and going to school in the mean time... So when is tehre time to see me at home? other than at night during the week?
Im not home that much at all on the weekends... I got to work and then when I get home 6 hours later, I wait to shower and i get ready to go back out with my fiends... for several hours, Sleep i smy best friend right now... The only thing that i miss more than anything...

The people that i work with are really nice... Two of my friends just left... i guess cause of grades or w/e... but they both said that they hated the place and that they hated larry... but w/e im better off with out working with justin, hes an ass sometimes, even more, i cant not talk to him...
Ashley is becoming that one person that i hate when she in't working, I dont talk to that many people there other than the severs, and not even that much with them... I just go along with my job, minding my own, trying to get out of there before 11... But when ashley is working, i have also, i do my work but we talk about eveerything and i help her and she helps me... we go out together all the time and we drink and just have a good time...
Im gonna go to the Phouse this sunday night if i dont have to go to school on monday for FCAT Science...erg
But now i dont know if i will be able to go because of my car... I have a leak in my radiator fluid and its been getting worse and worse for the last several weeks, we cant find it but i found the general area of it... so i dont wana be on I4 driving to the Phouse, (with out my parents knowing) and my car breaking down... that would not be good at all...
School is boring as ever, French is the only class that i am taking right now that i really need to go to college... Im a TA for 2nd period and then i have soiology 3rd, Im really in TV 4th but im TA another teacher instead... I ate school riht now, its really just a waste of my time...i dotn even know why i bother coming when i dont do anything in my classes..... I found out that tests are 100% o fmy grade in french... i have a B in the class, so why shouldn't i just come just for the tests???
Im hungry and i need to do stuff for my teacher... I need to get out of my house and this little bubble that i have been in for the last several years has been taken off and i have been totally different since december... I like it but I dont at the same time... would be nice to hear from my old friends
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Mar. 3rd, 2006 @ 12:01 am Not that much
Current Mood: giddygiddy
Current Music: DHT
Too much drama too talk about in the last several days, Im just gonna drop it, move on... I dont have time to dwell over it,
you only live once right? Why dwell over the past when you could have fun in the now...

Im going to JRs on friday night maybe.. fun fun, justin wont be there so it'll be better... he left work, good thing too, Um ashley is becoming my good friend, i love her... and sunday im going to the PHOUSE!!!!
Ashley is going with me and Mike may come too... hes not gay but hes never been...lol its soo much fun... yippy, oh and uriel might go... Im gonna call a few of my firends that live in Altamont and lake mary to see if they want to go, I miss them and i haven't seen them in a while...
I bought more stuff from Abercrombie and Fitch today, I got Fierce and a shirt... and I got the Areopastale cologne today too... yippy

I get paid tomorrow!!!! yay for money.... im finally gettin my raise at work...
Well im tired and i need my sleep
comment if you please
Life is good.. but its always greener on the other side
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Feb. 28th, 2006 @ 11:45 pm Down the Drain
Current Mood: sadsad
Current Music: Abercrombi and Fitch
The four day weekend was good... but it went down the drain.

Tuesday i had to go to school for the classes, not that i did anything... then when i get to work, i find out that justin and roger left... i'll never see them again...

I found a song that i cry to... Listen to your heart, i was singing this song and i started to cry... never in my life have i felt this way. I've been in love, but love is different than this.

i dunnno, i love being with sean and talking to him and everything to do with him, but its weird. i thought it was what i wanted, not to have a boyfriend right now... well i found out other wise, and by the time I do... He moves on, and theres nothing i can do about it, i gotta move on with him.... like he said, everything went down the drain...
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Feb. 27th, 2006 @ 05:01 pm "You only live life once"
Current Mood: crazycrazy
Current Music: 105.9
The subject of the entry is what I live by now... I dont go by anything else.Its true right, I mean why waste your time doing boring everyday things when you could be having fun and enjoying evrything to the fullest???

So this weekend was a lot of fun again... This long four day weekend...lol yippy Friday night I dont remeber anything.. not even what i was doing... wow thats bad... Saturday night I drove flippen 60 miles to go to a party in BFE to see sean and all his friends... It was a lot of fun though, I had three drinks... two of which Tony made me... mmmm so good, and i had a poison apple shot that Chrises new person made me... It burned the hell out of my tummy so Sean got me some cake and made me feel better.... fun fun right... I was drunk for a couple of hours but not too bad. I talked to everyone and got this str8 guy to fondle Tony...lol He kissed all the gay guys, it was funny... I played with a pair of boobs for some odd reason, i think i thought that they were soft or something... Then I played with a pussy... cat you freaks, god get your mind out of the gutter...lol jk I kissed sean several times, yea i think he should have backed off... I had to pull his hand out of my pants a couple of times but w/e... I told him this weekend how i felt, Maybe it was a little harsh but i think he finally got it... yet idk, after the mall today... ugh... idk

i kissed bree at the party... when we were leaving i kissed her goodbye...lol...and yet i got home at like 5:30 or soemthing like that?
I dont want to have a boyfriend right now... I told sean that. I dont think that I would be able to handle it right now either... With schoola dn work and goingout every weekend... I dont think that it would be such a great idea... I do want one because of the security factor... knowing that there is someone there for you no matter what and that they will understand... But i dont want to be tied down... And there are things that he doesn't know about me... how many people i have slept with... 9 in the last to years...

Im not ashamed of the way I am or the things that I have done i my life... or the people... I live my life to the fullest but im still careful... I have only had several boyfriends... cause im not that type to tie down, i go around and have fun... I hope people understand that....

Im looking into getting myown cellphone plan in the next several days to a week... I think it'll work, 50 a month isn't bad when i get 3 to 4 pay checks a month that are all at 200 or more... I can afford it and I dont want people reading the text messages i send people and i want the freedom i desereve... and i dont like poeple listening to my voicemail... erg... not going there

So the mall thing was fun I love shopping and we laughed a lot... I love the shirts i got... fun fun. And yet I dont think that sean understands yet... he tryed to hold my hand in the car and give me a kiss in the parking lot when we were leaving...

I need to go clean my room, cut the grass, collect my money and get a tan, and hang out with my grandparents and eat dinner... busy busy busy... ooo I'll be letting everyone know about my Bday parties.... YAY!!!
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Feb. 24th, 2006 @ 09:51 am yea right
Current Mood: okayjust kinda blah
Current Music: trance
hmmm, so i checked myself out of school yesterday... and i think thaat my mom is spying on me... the little bitch would do that too... I hate this, i cant do anything in my school or anywere without my mom finding out some how... erg

it'll pass sometime, yea right... lol, so the party this saturday, i dont think that i am going to go... the whole thing with me spending the night at a friends house, doens't go over too well with my mom... she thinks that i will do something with all the guys...lol

I get off of work at 10:30 or 11:00 saturday, i might try to go after wards but i dont know though....

lol, my teacher has a baloon in her room from valentines day and she got it for someone but never gave it to him,,, well if you tap it, it will start to sing, i was just playing with it... hmm well the people who run this stupid school are prolly watching me somehow on my teachers computer and i dont want her to get fired,, i hate this school... nothing good about it
comment please
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Feb. 21st, 2006 @ 10:21 am liquor and party
Current Mood: happyhappy
Current Music: nothing at all
I had the best time this weekend... I went to the P-House with sean, garret, tony and a bunch of other i didn't know... yippy....
I went to JR's and had some drinks and then went to my friends room and had fun up there, walked downtown deland and was drunk off my ass... fun fun right.lol
monday i went to the mall with sean, it was a lot of fun, i enjoyed walking around with him, got some stuff at american eagle... and i have to go back and some more stuff when i get my pay checks and my tax refund... yippy for money

I have to go this saturday to the party .... i have too and i have it all planned out with my mom... My friend is having a b-day party this weekend and i am going to stay the night... think it'll work, it should since she knows the kid... lol... fun fun... i have to go... :)

well need to go, my teacher needs her computer back
comment please
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Feb. 19th, 2006 @ 02:16 pm whats done is done
Current Mood: weirdweird
Current Music: goo goo dolls
I just keep thinking to myself, WHY, why did I let it happen, why did I go and why did I say those things and do them and get like that? WHY did it happen...

I was out last night again, went out at 1 and got home at 6:30 7:00, dont remeber which one... I had three drinks and that was it for me, sex on the beach, Mind eraser, and one other tht i dont remember what it was, but it was green and really sweet... So the club closed and we went back up to Ashleys room, and did some other things to get even more fucked up.

I told them that When Im buzzed, im happy and hyper, when im drunk, I'm depressed, and when Im high, Im happy and stupid...lol
well i was drunk last night and some things came out last night that i didn't want to, Im ashamed of what happened and the things that i said to justin and ahley... But I know i was fucked up and the both of them were also... We all three said some things that we shouldn't have said... 9 people and justin calls me a prostetue, and in the meen time, ashley has been with 25 people... and i tried to stop here from saying it but i ended up hurting her.

i walk outside and tried to settle down, but just comes out 10 minutes later and comes to get me, says i need to get back in the room, everything will be fine and im too fucked up to drive... we went back in the room and passed out and i had to drive justin home and i got home around 7... fucked up time adn it was fun at the same time, i just need to watch myself
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